Client Testimonials


Sean G – Lynnwood, WA

I was introduced to Manesh through a friend. Manesh hopped on the phone at a moments notice. That level of responsiveness continued through all phases of the real estate viewing and purchase process. I always felt Manesh was a partner in the process. Moreover, my partner and I cherished the long hours Manesh spent talking through options and strategizing - he took our finances and the weight of the decision as seriously as if he it was his own future and family involved. He steered us away from issues and helped us arrive at a great deal.


Lars O – Renton, WA

Trust was the most important aspect of this whole process for us. From the get-go Manesh made us feel heard. He struck the perfect balance between informative and allowing us space to form our own opinions. He was never pushy but knew when to push us on putting in offers on homes. He made himself available to us despite our being located on the East Coast and him on the West coast. He was genuinely a delight to work with, and on the off-chance he was unavailable, his wife Tania stepped in and did an amazing job handing over information and serving in his stead. What a fantastic team. They get the highest praise from us.


John F.X - Renton, WA

Tania is wonderful to work with. She was very responsive, prompt and answered all our first time home buyer questions. Tania and Manesh genuinely cared about helping us find our first house. They were always on top of everything, reaching to us with any updates during the search phase and after placing offer. We had a great experience working with them.


Goutham R - WA

Manesh is a great realtor who understands client requirements and goes into detail by looking at various dimensions of budget, location and size. He then presents with the properties that match the requirement. One key thing is that he never pushes the client to overbid and always does the ground work of market analysis prior to reviewing the property. I strongly recommend him to any of the first time home buyers or folks looking to upgrade.


Pedro V - Sammamish, WA

Tremendous partner. Always available. Honest feedback, easy to trust in the process. I was able to do it all remote due to his commitment to video and great communication.


Pamela W - Sammamish, WA

Manesh was excellent in helping us relocate to Seattle's east side from out of state. He went above and beyond to ensure that we had all the information and felt comfortable with each step of the process. He promises "business with integrity" and delivers on his promise. His customer service and work ethic are impeccable and we feel fortunate to have worked with him. We highly recommend Manesh!


Tyler T.E - Kirkland, WA

Manesh is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with. He was great to work with and provided great insight into what to look for at properties. He did research and was flexible, making himself available for appointments even after work hours or on weekends. I think his biggest strength was the offer phase, providing good insights into aspects of what he thought a winning offer would need. He also has great contacts he has worked with for work on a property. We got a rental property that we are very happy with and would recommend Manesh to everyone.


Zenobia C - Carnation, WA

 6 weeks ago When my husband and I decided to buy our first forever home, everything was new and daunting. The market seems to fluctuate, and after losing out on a couple of places we were ready to give up. That’s when Manesh Lakhani contacted me through Zillow. What I didn’t know, was that would be the beginning of an amazing house hunting journey. Manesh was patient, knowledgeable, and most importantly always honest. As we worked closely together, he eventually knew exactly what we wanted, and gave honest feedback when he didn’t think a property was right for us (AND HE WAS RIGHT!!!). He truly spent time getting to know us, finding those finer details that would make our hearts skip a beat in every house. Eventually we found “the one”, and our hearts were set. Manesh worked diligently to ensures that no matter where we were in the process, we were always comfortable, and had all the facts at hand. Giving us the risks, and sometimes harsh reality of the first-time buying process; before letting us make decisions. Manesh isn’t just a real estate agent, he is a partner along the journey to making your dream home come true. All we can say, is THANK YOU Manesh, for the impeccable service you gave us and finding our dream home, it was an honor to work with you.


Kiran P - Redmond, WA

Based on a zillow recommendation, we met Manesh mid summer 2020. We were casually testing waters to understand what is required to purchase a home in the Redmond area. Being first time buyers, we were tentative and unsure in distinguishing reality from hype in this area. From our first meeting, Manesh earned our trust. He was honest, realistic and knowledgeable. Conversations with him have propelled us from casual tours to actual purchase in 3 months. Once we zeroed in on the home, Manesh helped us with the rest of the bidding, negotiation with the seller agent and paperwork. He was thorough following up with the multiple intermediaries ensuring that the deal goes thru timely and smooth. We were happy we worked with Manesh in purchasing our house. If we are back in the real estate market again, we will surely rely on Manesh again.


Nick B - Sammamish, WA

If I could have given a higher rating than 5 stars for negotiation skills.. I would have! A couple of months ago, my wife and I looked at a house that checked all of the boxes for us. It was out of our price range at the time, but it helped ground us in expectations for the Puget Sound housing market. Manesh met us no questions asked, and took us seriously as a customer even though we were incapable of buying at the time. We stayed in contact and sent Manesh nightly reviews on properties he found for us. Again... nowhere near ready to purchase. About a month and a half ago, my wife and I came across a house we couldn't pass up. Expectations realigned, Manesh helped us understand our own sincerity in getting this done, despite our recent "not ready" history. Manesh guided us through all of the situations we must consider and his guidance was invaluable. Had it not been for Manesh's recommendations for what offer to put in and additional clauses, we would still be renters. It's our first house ever that we put an offer in for and we got it! Had it not been for Manesh, we'd still be on the endless PNW house shopping journey that our friends are stuck in. I highly recommend Manesh, especially for the new house shoppers like us, who needed someone with the patience, care, and respect for their client like you would treat family. Thank you, Manesh


Imran M - Snoqualmie, WA

We had a chance to meet Manesh Lakhani and use his expertise to buy a house in Seattle this spring. From the very first meeting, we had an impression of a true professional and as it turned out later, he was indeed an outstanding agent in the real estate market. It was completely unknown territory for me and needless to say, I was more than afraid to make the wrong decision. We sat at a coffee shop and talked a lot about the process. Both my wife and I had tons of questions to ask, and Manesh kindly and patiently addressed our never-ending concerns. He explained potential caveats, took into account all our preferences (location, type of house, year of built, etc.) and came up with an effective strategy. I am not an expert in the real estate market, but that day I left the coffee shop with a solid understanding of what steps to take. Not only did he provide a comprehensive tour of the housing market and shopping tactics, but also made us feel confident in our attempts to buy our dream house. Manesh promptly provided us with a frequently updated listing of the houses that could have been interesting to us. He was always on call and responded in a timely manner. He walked us through many houses in different parts of Seattle, and always made sure we had a detailed picture. He taught us to pay attention to not too obvious aspects of the process, like a builder’s rating, number of previous owners, etc. He wanted us to not only make a good financial investment but mainly settle down in a place that we can call home. We found a lovely townhouse that we decided to buy and made a deposit to secure the purchase but continued to look for other opportunities. It happened that another house with more favorable conditions came into the market, and we changed our minds. Manesh managed to get 100% of our security deposit back in no time. Having finalized our decision we started the paperwork. Manesh introduced us to multiple loan officers from different banks. It goes without saying that people working with Manesh are also highly reliable professionals. They guided us through the entire process so we did not have to worry about bureaucratic issues. They offered us great options and special deals to go with. Thanks to the quick and competitive strategy of Manesh and his team, we finally bought our beautiful house. Manesh did not stop surprising us with his enthusiasm even after the deal was done. Once we moved in Manesh showed up at our door with welcome-to-your-new-home custom-made gifts. He even brought toys for our kids. He also shared contacts of trusted handymen and specialty contractors to make sure we can continue on fixing and renovating our house. I am truly pleased with how he still checks in with us. I couldn’t have imagined such a professional but at the same time personally tailored relationships from a real estate agent. I've recommended Manesh Lakhani to everyone I know. He's a real expert and a genuinely nice guy. I honestly think it’d be challenging to find a better agent.